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We help leaders understand technology and public policy. Together, we can build more resilient businesses, infrastructure and communities.

Why connect?

People want to buy from companies they trust. Talent wants to work for companies they can believe in. If you're a leader, let's talk about the world you want to leave behind.

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    Connect your vision

    With some of the best subject matter experts in the world, we help leaders envision tomorrow and how their organization could fit in. 

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    Connect to stakeholders

    Upgrade everyday interactions with customers, employees and suppliers.

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    Connect to results

    We help leaders answer the question, "When you hand over the reins, what will be your legacy?"

Get Connected

We provide leaders with a forum to discuss current events, not to score points, but framed in the nonpartisan context of what's important for businesses, their communities and our world order. 


Digital Transformation



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Join The Team

Help us solve one of the biggest challenges modern society faces -- rethinking how a company's responsibilities go beyond the bottom line.

  • Ethicist

    This person provides input on policies and procedures that may be affected by prevailing, new or emerging moral and ethical interpretations. 

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  • Book Ghostwriter

    This person turns new concepts and ideas into coherent perspectives and chapters. 

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